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Offer Card Acquiring as an additional service.

Principal Member Acquiring

Oonex is a Principal Member acquirer with Visa and MasterCard and also offer affiliate Carte Bancaires acquiring. Oonex is licensed and regulated in Europe and provides merchant accounts for ecommerce and POS to companies across Europe.

For any online business, reliable and secure payment processing is critical. Oonex provides world-class payment processing services for online businesses , providing a full suite of complimentary merchant services in order to drive maximum payment approval efficiency. With advanced fraud screening, multiple payment options and real-time reporting, Oonex’s secure payment gateway provides peace of mind to merchants of all sizes, industries, locations and processing volumes.

Benefits of offering Card Acquiring as an additional service

Cutting-edge technology that ensures every transaction is secure;
Processing of transactions in real-time;
Volume-based discounted rates;
Ability to accept multiple branded Credit Cards;
Granular transaction reports;
Ability to accept multi-currency payments;
Quick payment-receipt email service;
Phone and mail orders streamlined through our MOTO terminal.