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Offer real multi-currency payment accounts (individual IBANs)

Oonex can issue International Payment Accounts to businesses and individuals worldwide, allowing businesses to take full control of their financial services including treasury and currency exchange management.

These international accounts allow agents to accept and make payments in up to 32 end-to-end currencies, hold multiple currencies simultaneously and convert currencies at any time, offering complete flexibility over the their different currencies held. The balance can be accessed via a prepaid or debit card and balances and currencies can be managed via our internet banking interface. The Agent has transparency of their payment account and payment accounts of their partners or customers at any given moment.

Agents who have been approved to manage front-end payment account and banking services can connect their front end applications to Oonex’s IBAN system for the issuance of accounts and management of transfers. For Agent’s who do not manage their own front end systems, Oonex can provide this interface.

IBAN Opportunities for your business

Provide IBANs to your business or individual customers;
Take control of your own company’s treasury;
Manage the FX and currency exchange of your own and your client’s funds for added revenue;
Replace wallet services with real IBANs;
Provide personal and corporate e-banking products;
Provide money transfer, remittance and payout solutions worldwide;

IBANs offer a potential new revenue stream

Multi-currency banking (32 currencies);
Foreign exchange;
Remittance Payments;
Salary/Payroll payments;
Treasury Segmentation;
Payouts and withdrawals.