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Payment Institution Sub-licensing for approved partners.

Expand Services & Increase Business Efficiency

Oonex can offer Payment Institution sub-licensing to approved businesses. This allows them to expand their services and increase revenue while lowering cost and reducing liability. By partnering with Oonex, companies receive registration as a licensed Payment Institution agency, allowing them to offer payment remittance and financial services instantly in every country in Europe and the European Economic Area.

Offer PI services in your name

By becoming a regulated Payment Institution Agent, partners can access and offer Oonex’s payment accounts, IBANs, merchant acquiring, processing, payment instruments and compliance services, in your own brand name.

Officially registered Payment Institution

Through this sub-license process, our Partners become official, registered Payment Institution Agents, listed on the European Financial Regulatory Director. As a sub-licensee your company will be listed as a regulated Payment Institution Agent under Oonex supervision on the National Bank of Belgium Regulatory index and in all countries where passported in Europe.

Oonex retains the liability

Oonex retains all liability for the related activity of our partners, and are responsible for managing all compliance, AML and local regulations. Through this partnership, clients can launch additional services and market themselves as a regulated financial institution, whilst Oonex takes responsibility for compliance.

What are the benefits of sub-licensing?

A PI sub-license allows the licensee to offer products and services in the European market, which are only allowed to be offered by Payment Institutions, under their own brand name.

This agency license gives our partners the ability to:

  • Promote themselves as a regulated Payment Institution with license passporting to all countries in Europe and the EEA;
  • Offer merchant facilities (Credit Card and Bank Transfer processing) in their name;
  • Legally accept payments from third parties worldwide, collect funds on behalf of other companies and settle and remit these funds internationally as needed.
  • Offer IBAN payment/bank accounts to businesses, individuals and customers anywhere in the world, in 32 currencies;
  • Provide foreign currency management services via their IBANs;
  • Mark-up and earn revenue on services offered by Oonex;
  • Register as a Payment Faclitator with Oonex and its banks for the fast onboarding and issuance of Merchant Accounts;
  • Be listed on the Financial Regulator listings as a regulated Payment Institution Agency;
  • Legally operate payment acceptance, collection, settlement and remittance services in Europe;
  • Legally collect funds in Europe and transfer these internationally as a licensed institution;
  • Sign direct contracts with partners, individuals and financial institutions in your name;
  • Offer treasury, escrow and corporate banking services internally and to your clients.