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Full service payment management for a new era of e-commerce. Oonex is a complete end-to-end payment solution for banks and merchants worldwide.

Who we are

Who we are

Oonex is a Belgium licensed payment institution and full service management solution for banks and merchants worldwide.

Focusing on end-to-end risk management, merchant compliance, new payment technology and integrated payment services, Oonex delivers a world-class solution to the European payments market.

In addition to operating full-service Payment Facilitator Facilities for acquirers across Europe, Oonex specialises in risk and compliance training for payment institutions and third party management of PSP compliance, fraud management and gateway solutions.

Oonex offers a proprietary built PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway with integrated compliance and fraud management systems.

Our Business Model is built around:

Fraud Management

Comprehensive payment risk management and fraud verification of all transactions.

Merchant Compliance

Full-service merchant underwriting and compliance management services.

Alternative Payments

Integrated payment solutions for all merchants including credit card, direct debit and alternative payment methods.

Gateway Technology

The delivery of Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant payment technology for banks, third parties and merchants.

Oonex operates full-service PF, PSP and IPSP models with leading financial institutions across Europe. Regardless of individual structure, all merchants are underwritten and transparently presented to our partner banks for approval subject to a full underwriting and financial license compliance review. OONEX specialises in a number of complex industries to ensure maximum knowledge and expertise is maintained internally for the ongoing and operational management of our merchants. Merchant category targeting translates to specific industry solutions and the knowledge to manage individual risk profiles effectively and securely for our acquiring partners.

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