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Oonex is a full-service Payment Institution licensed in Belgium

As a Swift and Clearing House member and Principal Acquirer of Visa and MasterCard, Oonex works behind the scenes to deliver banking products & services to Fintech companies worldwide.

Oonex is PSD2 compliant and is committed to supporting our partners in ensuring that they are too.

Payment Institution Sub-Licensing

Oonex can offer Payment Institution sub-licensing to approved businesses. This allows them to expand their services and increase revenue while lowering cost and reducing liability. Partners can also become a regulated Payment Institution Agent, and can access and offer Oonex’s payment accounts, IBANs, merchant acquiring, processing, payment instruments and compliance services, in your own brand name.

Principal Member Acquiring

Oonex is a Principal Member acquirer with Visa and MasterCard and also offer affiliate Carte Bancaires acquiring. Oonex is licensed and regulated in Europe and provides merchant accounts for ecommerce and POS to companies across Europe.

Real Multi-Currency Payment Accounts (IBANs)

Oonex can issue International Payment Accounts to businesses and individuals worldwide, allowing businesses to take full control of their financial services including treasury and currency exchange management. These international accounts allow agents to accept and make payments in up to 32 end-to-end currencies, hold multiple currencies simultaneously and convert currencies at any time, offering complete flexibility over the their different currencies held. Agents who have been approved to manage front-end payment account and banking services can connect their front end applications to Oonex’s IBAN system for the issuance of accounts and management of transfers. For Agent’s who do not manage their own front end systems, Oonex can provide this interface.

Technology & Payment Devices

For any online business, reliable and secure payment processing is critical. Oonex provides world-class payment processing services for online businesses , including a full suite of complimentary merchant services in order to drive maximum payment approval efficiency. With advanced fraud screening, multiple payment options and real-time reporting, Oonex’s secure payment gateway provides peace of mind to merchants of all sizes, industries, locations and processing volumes. Oonex also supports multiple POS and Payment Devices, including mPOS, biometric payments and tap-to-pay devices. Oonex is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Compliance & Outsourcing

Outsource your compliance, KYC, AML and boarding processes. Oonex’s Boarding and Compliance System is a web application used for receiving, processing and tracking merchant applications, customer KYC and compliance. Our simple full-service platform can manage the entire application and on-boarding process, from start to finish. Our Boarding and Compliance System can be used by Payment companies under a simple SAAS model, and is also included in our Agency Licensing packages. The boarding and compliance system has been built specifically for two industries; Merchant Compliance and KYC & AML.

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