Expand services and increase business efficiency
Oonex can offer unique agency relationships to approved partners. This allows them to expand their services and increase revenue while lowering cost and focusing on their key strengths. Approved partner agents benefit greatly by becoming distributors of Oonex's payment services, which are offered across Europe and the European Economic Area.
Distribute Services in your name
By becoming an agent, partners can distribute Oonex’s payment accounts, merchant acquiring, processing, payment and compliance services, with their own unique (where approved) brands.
Officially registered Payment Institution
Through the Partner Agency model, our Partners become officially registered agents of Oonex, who is regulated Payment Institution under supervision of the National Bank of Belgium and passported in all countries in Europe and the European Economic Area.
Oonex retains the liability
Oonex retains all liability for the related activity of our partners, and are responsible for managing all compliance, AML and local regulations. Through this partnership, clients can launch additional services and market themselves, whilst Oonex takes responsibility for compliance.
What are the benefits of of being an Agent?
Approval as a partner agent allows the partner to offer and distribute Oonex's products and services in the European market.

This agency approval gives our partners the ability to:

  • Promote themselves as a Partner Agent of Oonex, who is a regulated Payment Institution with license passporting to all countries in Europe and the EEA;

  • Offer merchant facilities (payment card and domestic/international transfer processing) in their approved brand name;

  • Distribute Oonex IBAN payment/bank accounts to businesses, individuals and customers anywhere in the world, in 32 currencies (as approved by oonex)

  • Provide foreign currency management services via their IBANs;

  • Mark-up and earn revenue on services offered by Oonex;

  • Be listed on the Financial Regulator listings as a regulated Payment Institution Agent of Oonex;

  • Distribute Oonex's payment acceptance, collection, settlement and remittance services in Europe;

  • Sign direct contracts with partners, individuals and financial institutions in your name, acting as a formally registered Agent of Oonex;

Principal Member Acquiring
Oonex is a Principal Member acquirer and provides access to Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB and Carte Bancaire acquiring. Oonex is licensed and regulated in Europe and provides merchant accounts for ecommerce and POS to companies across Europe.

For any online business, reliable and secure payment processing is critical. Oonex provides world-class payment processing services for online businesses, providing a full suite of complementary merchant services in order to drive maximum payment approval efficiency. With advanced fraud screening, multiple payment options and real-time reporting, Oonex’s secure payment gateway provides peace of mind to merchants of all sizes, industries, locations and processing volumes.
Benefits of offering Card Acquiring as an additional service

  • Cutting-edge technology that ensures every transaction is secure;

  • Processing of transactions in real-time;

  • Volume-based discounted rates;

  • Ability to accept multiple branded Credit Cards;

  • Granular transaction reports;

  • Ability to accept multi-currency payments;

  • Quick payment-receipt email service;

  • Phone and mail orders streamlined through our MOTO terminal.

Offer real multi-currency payment accounts (individual IBANs)
Oonex can issue International Payment Accounts to businesses and individuals worldwide, allowing businesses to take full control of their financial services including treasury and currency exchange management.

These international accounts allow partner agents to offer payment services (via Oonex) in up to 29 end-to-end currencies, hold multiple currencies simultaneously and convert currencies at any time, offering complete flexibility over the their different currencies held. The balance can be accessed via debit card and balances and currencies can be viewed via our internet banking interface. The Agent has transparency of their payment account and payment accounts of their partners or customers at any given moment. Oonex remains responsible for the final execution of the payments as well as the identification and onboarding of the end customers.

Partner Agents who have been approved to manage front-end payment account services can connect their front end applications to Oonex’s IBAN system for the issuance of accounts and management of transfers. For Agent’s who do not manage their own front end systems, Oonex can provide this interface.
IBAN Opportunities for your business

  • Provide IBANs to your business or individual customers;

  • Take control of your own company’s treasury;

  • Manage the FX and currency exchange of your own and your client’s funds for added revenue;

  • Replace wallet services with real IBANs;

  • Provide personal and corporate e-banking products;

IBANs offer a potential new revenue stream

  • Multi-currency banking (up to 29 currencies);

  • Foreign exchange;

  • Salary/Payroll payments;

  • Treasury Segmentation;

  • Payouts and withdrawals.

Oonex is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.
For any online business, reliable and secure payment processing is critical. Oonex provides world-class payment processing services for online businesses, including a full suite of complementary merchant services in order to drive maximum payment approval efficiency. With advanced fraud screening, multiple payment options and real-time reporting, Oonex’s secure payment gateway provides peace of mind to merchants of all sizes, industries, locations and processing volumes.
POS and Payment Devices
Oonex supports multiple POS and Payment Devices, including mPOS, biometric payments and tap-to-pay devices.

Oonex provides direct POS and also partners with many local and pan-European POS companies to deliver flexible POS solutions to merchants at competitive prices.
Oonex’s gateway services

  • Secure online scheme card processing, direct debit, alternative payments and more;

  • Secure transactions with our advanced fraud prevention systems;

  • Custom transaction reports and statistics generated in real time;

  • Accept fax, phone and mail order purchases with our complimentary MOTO terminal;

  • Branded integration options including third-party shopping cart alternatives;

  • A dedicated account manager for your business;

  • Comprehensive 24/7 customer support;

  • A secure merchant account terminal providing data and reporting on sales, refunds and fees, chargebacks, full transaction listings, calendar activity and much more.

End-to-end Boarding Platform
Oonex’s Boarding and Compliance System is a web application used for receiving, processing and tracking merchant applications, customer KYC and compliance. Our simple full-service platform can manage the entire application and on-boarding process, from start to finish.
Boarding SaaS
Our Boarding and Compliance System can be used by Payment companies under a simple SaaS model, and is also included in our partner agency packages. The boarding and compliance system has been built specifically for two industries; Merchant Compliance and KYC & AML.

Using this system, payment companies can log in and make an application for new merchant accounts, or allow their merchants access to the portal to upload necessary documents themselves, along with interactive step-by-step guidance. They are able to upload required documentation and communicate with Oonex’s underwriting and compliance staff throughout the application process.
Transparent Boarding
The complete Risk and Compliance assessment of the merchant happens live in the Boarding and Compliance System and can be tracked by the user every step of the way. The system removes the need for email based application management and ensures the fastest boarding of merchants, with integrated sales offers, risk perimeter settings and contracting. The system functions not only as a compliance system but also as a CRM and an external point of communication with new clients.

The KYC and AML system works similarly, but specific for the payment and banking industry, in terms of the qualification and checking of new customers and the management of fund movement and payments in line with European standard.

Our system can be used off-the-shelf, or can be customized for our client’s needs.
Compliance Management
Oonex’s bespoke business management system provides the following solutions in one easy-to-use, customizable payment compliance system:
CRM and Sales Pipeline Management

  • KYC collection, review and approval management;

  • Business compliance review (merchant underwriting);

  • Proposal, approval and Contracting management;

  • Document and compliance packaging management;

  • Full Task Management and Role based user system.

With integrations to the international KYC, AML and credit checking systems, automated application and contracting management and an advanced management and reporting system, Oonex’s Onboarding System allows payment companies to operate lean compliance and underwriting teams, giving them more time to focus on the commercial and product arms of their businesses.

Oonex remains responsible for the full identification and onboarding of all end customers and operations.

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