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Merchant Compliance

Merchant Compliance

Oonex provides a full suite of compliance services for banks, acquirers, PSP’s and end merchants, letting our partners focus on what they do best.

As a regulated European Payment Institution with licensing in international jurisdictions, Oonex has the experience and grounding to provide full-liability compliance services to its many partners.

Oonex Outsourced Compliance Services:

Merchant Compliance

Complete merchant underwriting services; including KYC review, bank compliance management, business model assessment, business risk-assessment, risk-assessment mitigation proposals and more.

Regulatory Compliance

Full corporate compliance assistance including investigation of Regulatory requirement, per-industry regulations, jurisdiction regulations, legal regulations and more.

AML Compliance

Full AML policy management on incoming and outgoing payments regardless of payment method, nature or location. Our services include management of information requests, verification of information and direct real-time confirmation of concerning or over-threshold transactions.

Cardscheme Compliance

Full policy and procedure review of acquirer, PSP and merchant businesses to ensure operation within participating cardscheme rules. By ensuring full adherence to their responsibilities, partners reduce the risk of future problems, fines or penalties from their upstream cardschemes.

PCI Compliance

Oonex offers a state of the art proprietary payment gateway that is fully Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and used by banks, processors and merchants worldwide. By utilizing Oonex’s advanced payment gateway, partners and merchants ensure they provide the required environment to securely receive credit card data.

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