AML Analyst (full-time)

Location: Belgium

Job description
The successful applicant for the part time AML Analyst role will be an essential team member in a supporting role, involved in assessing the suitability of new customers and partners for the Oonex payment ecosystem. Whether these are merchant businesses applying for payment facilities or the establishment and use of our banking products, the key focus will be on completing checks surrounding Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) legislation for potential partners and clients.

The right candidate will be technically capable in order to quickly adapt to our AML systems and have a keen attention to detail, and be willing to work cohesively with an experienced team to uphold our four-eyes principle.

- Complete all necessary KYC & AML checks at all relevant times and event triggers throughout the customer lifecyle
- Maintain and update policies and procedures as required and make recommendations to our CRO, Director of Compliance and other AML officers
- Perform all required functions of the role effectively in accordance with provided SLAs and best practice guidelines

Skills & experience
- High familiarity with AML/KYC requirements is essential with previous experience in a similar role preferred
- Excellent organisational skills with ability to organise and archive documents (paper and electronic) in a structured fashion within set timeframes
- Very keen attention to detail with particular strength in analytical areas and ability to create and interpret reports of various kinds
- Ability to understand and explain process requirements and communicate this information accordingly, both to immediate team and management level within the company if needed
- Strong communication skills (written and verbal) and able to articulate in the language of the legal and regulatory frameworks
- Must be proficient in standard Office suite of software including Excel (Windows or iOS)

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